electric motor features

Learn about the possible problem causes the electric motor when the electric motor features: high current load, low insulation resistance and heating the bearings

Several are caused problems that may occur in the electric motor and one of the problems may be in the high current load and the possible causes of this problem are: voltage outside the nominal, overload, frequency outside the nominal, belts that are too stretched or rotor dragging on the stator.

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When the defect in the electric motor appears in the insulation resistance is low, the cause may be in the slot insulators that are damaged, the cabinhos are cut, the head coil is touching the housing, the presence of chemicals or moisture in electric motor, or also the presence of powder on the wound.

The electric motor can also present as a problem heating the bearings and this happens because there is excessive axial or belt radial, the electric motor shaft is bent, the caps can be loose or decentralized, there is lack of grease or too excessive or there is any foreign material in the composition of grease.

Meet some problems que Affect the electric motor

Present problems is very common to the electric motor, some of these problems are amenable to repair, but others are not. It can happen Also the problem will not be on the electric motor, but the defect may appear in the electric control or the starting capacitor.

When the electric motor does not rotate, it is important to use a multimeter and check the electric motor supply voltage is correct.

If the electric motor only make fun and do not rotate and the electric motor baldor em4107t is single phase, should use a multimeter since Then can be checked if the capacitor of the electric motor is not burned or if the voltage is below the voltage que the electric motor needs to receive.

When the electric motor is three phase and only tease and does not turn to be seen if he is not without a stage, because Then the circuit will be forced to use the fuse. It is important to check if the fuse has blown and the replacement must be made immediately.

Electric bike

Electric bike is nothing more than a normal bike coupled with electric motor

The electric bike and nothing more than a normal bike which is made with an electric motor that runs on a rechargeable battery and controlled by a regulator of power that works like the throttle.

The electric motor reelcraft 5635 can be installed in the front or rear wheel hub and this can trigger the crankset. Regardless of the brand, the principles of electric bicycle are alike.

Most electric bikes can run 20-60 kilometers. This distance is enough that a normal person can move. But this autonomy will vary depending on the battery status, the terrain, the weight of the cyclist and speed.

A cyclist has between 75 kilograms a bike that has an electric motor of 250 watts running at a cruising speed will run at a speed between 18 and 20 km on flat ground.

Periodic analysis of the electric motor

Periodic analysis of the electric motor bearing vibration will prevent various types of failure

The electric motor requires that there be a periodic analysis of bearing vibration, as this analysis makes several types of failure that the electric motor will suffer can be identified. These problems may occur either in the engine operation in the application of the electric motor hose reels coxreels mro.

It is important that there is a maintenance of the electric motor vibration behavior records because these records will give reassurance to managers who perform the maintenance of the electric motor.

In addition, the maintenance of the electric motor vibration behavior records will there is a considerable reduction in stops that were not properly planned and this reduction will make you spend less on electric motor repairs and the result will be a considerable increase in productivity.

Chosen electric motor was chosen correctly when it meets all the technical requirements

Chosen electric motor was chosen correctly when it meets all the technical requirements for its implementation, technically and economically

In addition to the power system, the environmental characteristics and electric motor performance characteristics, load characteristics should be evaluated before selecting this or that electric motor idm2333 mro supply.

The most important data of the load that must be evaluated before the electric motor be chosen are: the required speed; the required conjugates that can be: nominal, maximum and departure; curve characteristics torque x load speed; type of load may be constant, cyclic, or other irregular; moment of inertia of the load; load behavior in the electric motor under transient or influences on other devices that can be mainly electronic, switching of single-phase motors split phase, starting capacitor and double capacitor, as they may prove interference or noise.

The electric motor has been selected correctly when the electric motor meets all the specific requirements for its implementation, technically and economically.

Slide rails are recommended in the electric motor

Fixing the electric motor is more mechanical properties that require attention, because the electric motor mounting base should be flat as well will be prevented concentration of forces that might spoil the structure of the feet of the electric motor and ara hard way the electric motor does not suffer from the efforts during the electric motor starting.

It is essential in fixing the electric motor is made efficiently because the vibrations can damage the bearings and loosen the elements fixing the electric motor single phase l1509t baldor 2016 series.

The sliding bases are recommended in the electric motor, as they help in the belt transmission and so the adjustment is done in a perfect way without her tension. Fixing the electric motor sliding base on the fixed base means that there is a perfect positioning of the pulley.

Electric motor should not be in a place where the temperature is lower than 10 degrees, as this is inference in your life

The electric motor of single-phase induction is the most used to replace the electric motor polyphase induction in points where there is no three-phase power that are in homes, offices, workshops and rural areas.

On the various types of single-phase electric motor, the motor with cage rotor type is what is most prominent as it is simple to be manufactured, but is robust, reliable and has a long life and maintenance free.

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The life of the electric motor is directly related to the insulation of the windings. The environments that are corrosive, vibration and moisture are factors that affect the isolation of the electric motor. When the electric motor is in an environment where the temperature is less than ten degrees the tendency is that their service life reduces drastically.

Know which generates losses in the electric motor

The electric motor is rated as the best machine that transforms the energy. It is critical to use the electric motor efficiently, as the main losses caused waste may originate: by internal losses; Yield; oversizing of motors; power factor; power supply; maintenance and mechanical and repair and reconditioning losses.

The electric power from the electric motor turns in output mechanical power. The electric motor of the transformation efficiency could be transformed into a 100% if all the input power was transformed into output power.


However, as in any system where energy transformation occurs, this also the electric motor suffers losses and the electric motor can only take your income when measured internal losses are controlled. Losses caused in the electric motor are classified into two groups called fixed and variable and they serve to evaluate the losses that the electric motor suffers.